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The Department of Information Engineering (DII) offers the PhD in Information Technology (DII-D) which aims to research training in the areas of:

         -   Computer Engineering
         -   Telecommunication Engineering
         -   Electronic and Electrical Engineering

The Department of Information Engineering is a leading centre for research in the subject and students are supervised by experienced and internationally known researchers. We welcome applications from excellent students whose research interests fit with those of the various research themes of the Department DII. During the three-year program (180 CFU) the students complete their background by attending seminars and lectures and doing research in one of the research groups in Electronics, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or related fields. The activity ends with the defence of a written thesis in front of an external Committee. Part of the research period is often spent in major research centres in Italy or abroad

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(Italiano) Programma seminari 22-23 gennaio

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Welcome to our PhD program – XXXII cycle

By the end of november you should prepare a short document (approx. one page) where you indicate your Ph.D. tutor and present the title and the description of the...

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